Bad Floss

I’ve been having a small concern with a couple of my teeth so I’ve been a maniac about regular flossing. Normally, I’m a sporadic flosser. My dentist always says my teeth look amazing so I don’t feel bad about being a sporadic flosser.

However, now that I’m flossing all the time, I am working my way through all my floss samples and half-used containers of different brands and flavors. What is a unit of floss called? A reel? A packet? A winding?

There are some crappy flosses out there. One is so thin it disintegrates on the second tooth. Another is more like ribbon but also disintegrates so you get these fibers in your teeth. The best one in my drawer is the Glide.

In other news, the writing project drags on. We’ve had too many things going on and I don’t want to rush the last bit. This weekend is busy, too, so maybe Halloween weekend.

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