Three Trips in Four Weeks

I didn’t realize until I was home from trip #3 that I had done three trips in four weeks. All of the trips were relaxing and fun, but involved significant travel time. Why are we wasting time talking about space ships to Mars instead of working on teleportation?

First trip was to Orleans, CA to visit my folks. Second trip was to Ashland, Oregon to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Third trip was to Atlanta, GA to celebrate a friend’s birthday and also a sort-of writing retreat.

Thursday night when I got home from work, I was beat. The yard, however, looked crisp. The weatherman said there was a little bit of rain moving through but it wouldn’t be much and most areas wouldn’t get anything.

I dragged my butt out there and watered (admittedly, did a poor job) and, you guessed it, plenty of rain fell here. Not complaining about the rain, which I love, only about the forecast.

The project of August, now September, is proceeding on schedule. More news very soon.

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