Now that the project of August is out in the world, I am catching up on all the people and activities I abandoned while I was working on it. (I will be back to work on finalizing it and abandoning everyone again, very soon.) I made 2 peach & berry pies last weekend for a party. And I made this peach pie today to bring on a visit to my mother-in-law. Fresh fruit pie is my favorite food.

I still haven’t given up on finding my lost wallet items. I’m going to take everything off my computer desk and I still haven’t thoroughly gone through the closet in my writing room. It’s looking hopeless but I don’t want to quit yet.

Have you ever learned something new about something you never thought about? But after you had the new information you couldn’t believe how stupid you were?

I saw a photo last week of a field of sunflowers with all the sunflowers facing the same direction except one. I can’t remember the caption but it inspired me to click around and I learned that sunflowers face east.

My sunflowers always face my kitchen window. It never occurred to me to ponder why they always face the kitchen window. Somewhere in a deep corner of my brain no explanation was needed. They face the direction where I want to look at them. There was never any reason to question that.

The other morning I watched a squirrel dangle off the top of a sunflower and chew a flower off and then crawl up the fence dragging a giant flower.

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