We Try Out Meals From A Box

I could swear I made fun of this service in a post somewhere but I can’t find it right now.

Kira gave me a week of Blue Apron for my birthday and we finally signed up for it and got our meals last Friday.

The stuff comes in a big box with cooler packs. Here is everything from the box which will make 3 meals.

Look at this adorable tiny avocado and onion.

The knick knacks are spices and little things you need to add. We had to supply salt, pepper and olive oil.

Here we are ready to go with our blackened cod and red rice salad. (Red rice is still cooking.)

It was really delicious and a recipe I would never have tracked down on my own. It exceeded our expectations. The portions are generous enough for 2 good eaters plus a little left over for 1 person to have for lunch the next day.

The other two meals were a Chicken Verjus with pearled barley that Bob made last night for his Mom. I’m going to eat the leftovers as soon as I hit the publish button on this. And tonight we’re making a Lamb Meatball stew, to have with some other dishes with Bob’s Mom.


The menu instructions are well done and mostly easy to follow. There were a couple of steps that I thought were not explained very well but since I have experience cooking I could figure out. The “time to make” estimates were slightly delusional unless you only counted the actual cook time and not the prep.

I would say that this service is best for people who like to cook and want to learn more dishes or maybe don’t have well stocked kitchens. I would say it’s not good for people who come home tired and hungry and need to throw something together really quickly. The meals didn’t take long to make but you still have to chop, peel and brown stuff.

But fun to try. Great gift idea Kira!! Thank you.

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