Best of Traffic

I thought of a great story while I was pumping gas but now I can’t remember what it was.

It seems like every time I am getting ready to go out of town and I have a million things to do, there is some sort of traffic meltdown and I get home late from work.

This happened again tonight.

Here’s a quick story about carrots.

I love carrots and eat them almost every day. But mostly I only like raw carrots.

I don’t mind carrots cooked, but if I see a recipe that’s for just carrots, like glazed carrots, it would never occur to me to make that.

We had cooked carrots at Priscilla’s for St. Patrick’s Day. They were perfectly fine.

I just never think to cook carrots.

Behave. See you in a few days.

(Also more tulip photos to come. The light was poop when I got home tonight so most of the photos I took look like deer-in-the headlights flowers. I’ll try again.)

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