It Looks Like a Wedding Ring

I couldn’t make anything clever happen with this photo. I tried a bunch of clip art and goofy shapes and it all looked too stupid for words. So I added a filter and gave up.

I have this habit of fiddling with my wedding band. As in taking it on and off. I do it all the time and there have been times when I was sitting in bleachers or standing on a pier where I said to myself: if you drop this, you are going to be sorry.

Which is why it’s funny that when I finally dropped it I was sitting on my couch. And the ring fell into a very narrow crack. Too narrow for hand or fingers.

This happened Thursday night. I still haven’t gotten it out. But I haven’t exhausted my ideas yet. I tried putting duct tape on things that would fit down there and tried a hook. At least I know where it is.

Can I take the couch apart? Probably but will be major undertaking so I’m holding off on that for if I become desperate.

Can I use the vacuum? Maybe. Haven’t tried that yet. That’s the next attempt.

I’m also wondering if I tilt the couch it might slip into an easier to reach spot or even better, fall on the floor.

I have a couple of other ideas.

I take the ring off sometimes, like if I’m cleaning something really ooky, but I’ve never not worn it and it feels really weird. I keep grabbing my ring finger right there and it feels indented. When Bob came home I felt really bad and kept apologizing and he reminded me that he lost his ring and didn’t wear one for years. I finally bought him a new band last year.

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2 Responses to It Looks Like a Wedding Ring

  1. Marvin says:

    Have you tried one of the extendoclaw things that you can get at Harbor Freight? It’s a bendable stick with a plunger on one end and a 3- or 4-pronged wire claw on the other. Push the plunger and the claw extends to grasp. Release the plunger and the claw retracts whatever it has.

    Either that, or try turning the sofa upside-down.

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