The Potatoes Will Take Over in the End

Subway station in Montreal. I think it’s Station Prefontaine

I felt great when I woke up but I just exercised and had my hot chocolate and now I’m ready to go back to bed. Tempting.

Yesterday I worked a half day and when I got home I made the pie.

The other thing I normally do in the fall that I didn’t get around to because of my trip was the full meal deal garden burial. I had torn everything out and put the cages away but that’s it. All the debris was just piled in the middle of the garden plus I never emptied the compost bin into the soil.

Since the weather was not terrible I thought maybe I could get some yard work done. But that’s not the real motivation.

Remember back in the spring when I tweaked my shoulder trying to do the hedge myself? It took about 5 months to feel even close to normal so I am afraid to try hedge whacking by myself again. It’s taken this much time to find a referral and then finally set-up a time to get an estimate and that is happening this weekend.

So really I cleaned up the yard because I want hedgeman to think we’re at least trying out there. I cleaned out a bunch of dead stuff along the hedge and cleaned up the garden properly and mixed the compost in.

You’ll never guess but I am still finding potatoes. I wasn’t even trying. I was raking soil around and next thing I know there are potatoes rolling through the dirt. I probably harvested another 3 pounds which is terrific because I think we were down to only 7 pounds or so and I used a bunch for dinner last night. These aren’t great mashing potatoes so won’t be part of dinner today.

Enjoy your turkey or non-turkey alternative!

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