Fall TV

I tried adding a few new shows to see whether I liked them. But then everything started when I was in Germany so when I came home I was already several shows behind. I tried one episode of Flash and thought it was terrible. I missed the pilot for How To Get Away with Murder but I watched half of the second episode and deleted it. I thought about that show with David Tennant called Grace Point that was a UK series called Broadchurch but I feel like I’ve seen enough gloomy detective shows about a small town murder so I didn’t even try that one. I tried Scorpion but I didn’t like any of the characters. Bob says Jane the Virgin is really good so I’ll see if I can catch up during the holidays.

I always find shows I think are decent but it’s been awhile since I found a show that I want to make time for. Did I already tell you I gave up on Sons of Anarchy? It’s always been a tough show but this season felt like it was just an excuse to kill people in terrible ways. Colleague updates me after each episode to tell me who else is dead.

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  1. Darren says:

    How to get away with Murder is jumpy and I don’t like it but I still watch. I don’t like they jump back 90 days and after the commercial jump 12 days from now. It came out strong and was in the top 10 but now flickers about number 24 or 26. You should check out Madame Secretary on CBS. It is always in the top 10 and sometimes the number 4 show behind football.
    It is a very good show. Very political and topical too.

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