Clear Creek

This is nature people. Can you see those fish hanging out in the pool? They are headed upstream where they are going to spawn and die. There were some dead fish in there already but I didn’t get them in the photo.

Does anyone else think cookbooks are getting out of control? Every time I log into my food site or the NYT food section it seems like they are reviewing a stack of giant cookbooks. A celebrity chef. A food blogger. Some random celebrity. Some random theme. A whole giant cookbook about fennel or Van Nuys regional cuisine or paring knife cookery.

People must be buying them because they are churned out so fast. But it would seem hard to profit on a giant book filled with glossy photos. What do I know? I’m trying to be a new cookbook free zone because I already have some nice fatties that I haven’t used nearly enough. But every once in awhile I’m tempted.

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