An Innovation Company

Every once in awhile I will be interested in more information about a company. Maybe for work, maybe personal. Maybe just curiosity.

And sometimes I run across these websites where I want to send them a note to tell them how worthless their site is.

I want to say that I suspect for some companies that is the strategy but why have a website that reveals absolutely nothing about you?

It will be filled with generic stock photos of multi-cultural people who look thrilled to be watching a power point or handing pieces of paper to one another. And then the copy will say: Super Systems International: An Innovation Company.

What does that mean?

Huh. Well if you put “an innovation company” into a search engine all kinds of stuff comes up. So I guess it does mean something. But sometimes the copy says other things like: “Established Leaders in Industry” or “Cutting Edge of Fresh Solutions.” My point is you can’t tell what the company does by looking at the website.

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