The Air at 4 o’clock in the Morning

While I was gone my mother-in-law gave my husband some stuff to take home in this cute dish. I baked her a pie in it for when we return. It came out pretty. I put it beside my regular pie dish to show the difference. It’s hard to tell but it’s much smaller.

UGH! Re-entry continues much more slowly that I would prefer. I am so tired at 8pm I have to go to bed and then I’m wide awake at 4am. And my brain wheels can barely turn by the end of the day. Sure, it could be worse but the day is coming, very soon, when I’ll need to keep my eyes open past 8.

I had to retire one pair of my garden pants. The denim has been disintegrating for some time but yesterday I felt a breeze on my bottom and realized it was time to trash them. I’m wearing one of my other pairs but it’s pretty close to being done, too. I’m going to have to buy some new jeans and move some older pairs to the work pile.

This is the pumpkin patch this year. A little disappointing. The vines did get a little cooked a couple of times. I keep promising I’ll do homework to improve my results.

Yesterday I did some major clean up out there. I haven’t been able to do yardwork in weeks. I would say that this summer I have been at least 50% less active in the garden and the results are much less than 50% worse so I expect I will use this information as an excuse to be more lazy in the future. I didn’t yank the tomatoes but I whacked them back. We’ll see if I can get a few more tomatoes before we’re finished.

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