The original itinerary was for us to leave on Monday evening and arrive in Frankfurt on Tuesday afternoon. Then we’d have Tuesday as an acclimation day and then take the train to Brussels midday Wednesday.

But when we got to the airport on Monday I was showing my sister my airline app and we noticed that there was a delay on our domestic flight that would get us in after our international flight had taken off. Uh oh.

After a bit of a go around we were given a number of options that all ended with us taking the Tuesday Dulles flight to Frankfurt.

We went back home and returned Tuesday morning at dawn to catch a domestic flight, connected to the Frankfurt flight and arrived in Frankfurt at 7am Wednesday.

Our lovely acclimation period was ruined and we had to eat the Frankfurt hotel room. We spent the day willing ourselves to stay away and wandering around Frankfurt which was cool but some sun breaks and nice to be outside. Snacking also helped.

By the time we got on the train we were nodding off while we were talking. But we made it here. We found our hotel. We’ve had something to eat and we’re going to bed at 7:45pm. More details at 3am?

[Note to Bob, Erin is way better at this than we are together. She bought the SBahn tickets in 3 minutes while explaining to another traveler how to do it. She also is great at directions and maps. We also helped someone in the luggage room so somehow we are the pro travelers at this point.]

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