FIFA World Cup Games 54 and 56

On the way home I saw a sign at a pizza type place that said: Do you want to watch the soccer championship series?

That’s almost good enough to make a special trip back to take a photo. Maybe this weekend I can get up early and do it. It’s in a terribly inconvenient location.

Ugh. What a couple of long days. I’ve been getting up even earlier so I can leave at 6am and be at the office before 7am so I can start early and take a long lunch.

These games going into extra time are killing me.

All the Round of 16 games I’ve seen (I didn’t get to see them all) have been nail biters. My poor nails.

Germany went through, whew. USA did not. Total heartbreaker bummer. They played their hearts out and Tim Howard is a national hero.

I’m behind on everything in the world. The commute home tonight was insane. I walked out of the office at 4:30 and didn’t get home until after 6pm. The good part is that everyone on the bus, including the driver, were great sports and laughing. I’ve never been on a bus that full. This is Vancouver transit, not Tokyo.

A big guy sat down next to me and said: you won the lottery.

I said: So did you.

Does that sound snotty? I meant to be funny but later I worried that I might have sounded snotty. He laughed.

Two rest days (World Cup) I know that means for players but I need rest, too. I’m hoping I can get caught up at the office. Then two huge games Friday and Saturday plus a Timbers away game on Friday night. Being in love with soccer is a curse sometimes.

In other news, my shoulder is feeling about 95% pain free thanks to Saint Melonie of Vancouver Yoga Center. She worked on me on Friday and then in class last night there was a lot of focus on my problem area (shoulder blades) and there were huge stretches of time today where I felt completely fine. I have a whole new appreciation for people who suffer from chronic pain, and for being pain free. I’m still doing tons of self-care and homework to keep it up.

I’m also dying to work on the hedge but resisting the urge because that’s how I got into this mess.

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