The Pillow Cleaning Experiment

I ran across a post somewhere about washing your pillows. I love when the Internet makes proclamations like: you should wash you pajamas every 3 days or you should wash your pillows 2x a year — like there is an official word on this. For the record: I have never washed a pillow in my life. I just always had pillows that looked like they’ve been used for dead people and every 10 years or so I would buy new pillows.

The Internet said I could wash my feather pillows so I did. Luckily they warned me that it would take forever for them to dry. It was a little scary for a bit because they were like drown boneless giant birds (also smelled like wet bird). But it was a nice day and after about 5 hours in the drier I put them outside and they ended up wonderfully fresh and fluffy.

A few weeks later I decided to wash our non-feather pillows.

Afterward I said to Bob: This was not quite as successful.

They came out super lumpy. I gave Bob the lumpier one and he said he could barely notice. We are pretty low maintenance in this house.

I also bought a fancy neck pillow. My back/shoulder/neck issues continue. Stupid hedge clipping. I am still trying to stay off the computer except for work and trip planning. We are going to Montreal and Quebec City this summer. More on this later.

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  1. At the ten-year mark I simply by a pillow protector to zip up the germs. That gets me another two years.

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