This is the Garden Before Shot

I accidentally typo’d the title as This is the Garden Before Shit. hehe. That could mean anything. Maybe I would bring in manure this weekend.

Except I’m not. I already threw a bunch of seeds out there in my free-styling gardening way. I don’t even have a plan this year. Just the usual: beets, turnips, greens. Tomatoes will come later. I saved some tomato seeds from last year. I should have taken a photo. They were smeared on a piece of paper towel so it looked like trash. I planted a bunch in pots on the windowsill.

I think I’ll plant a zucchini this year. I’ll see if anything else sounds exciting.

I should have made some arrows. That middle section is all new. On the left there was more of that white flowery plant heavily infested with some sort of annoying invasive grass. There was no way to get rid of the grass without digging out white flowery plant. I thought about planting a rosemary there but not sure I want a bushy thing in that location. On the right was another herb, thyme? It got all woody and pitiful looking and spread out everywhere so I whacked it back. Maybe I would like rosemary there.

Remember the dahlia bulb dividing project? I gave some away. I let some shrivel into death on the shop floor. I planted a bunch everywhere. I’ve never had success out front but there’s a major sprout going right now. It’s located in heavy snail territory so we’ll see how we do. But I’m hopeful.

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