Dumb and Dumberer

This afternoon I had an appointment in downtown Vancouver. Bob and I decided to walk to it.

The morning walk was terrific. It was semi-sunny and the air refreshing. We took lots of pictures and visited with some neighbors.

The walk home was less terrific. It had started snowing again, heavy and wet. The walk home is a gentle uphill. By the time I got home I was pooped and I still had to throw some dinner on the stove and mix up my bread for tomorrow. I make a sourdough loaf almost every week.

Then I somehow managed to stick my photocard (tired, not paying attention) in the DVD slot instead of the card slot and it plooped right in. I had a mild panic attack. Quickly powered down the machine. Powered up the laptop. Typed HELP! and my problem into a search engine because no matter what dumb thing you do, there’s always someone who did it before you.

I wouldn’t have cared so much except I really wanted my photos.

One suggestion was to tilt the machine on its side and shake it. Another suggestion involved a credit card and something sticky like a mailing label or tape. First I had to disconnect everything from everything. Then I shook and tilted my heart out. Nothing seemed to be happening. I wondered if I still have Apple Care and when the hell I was going to get around to carting my computer to some fix it guy. And whether I would be honest or make up a cover story.

I remained calm. I propped my machine on the bed so I could tilt it toward me while I held a baby flashlight in my teeth and wiggled a credit card in the slot. And [long frustrating bit omitted] it worked!

And now my brain is melted. Lots more snow photos *with filters* later this weekend.

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  1. Darren says:

    I miss walking in the snow and cooler weather. But I also had a bad parent in my father and sometimes, OK most of the time we’d mix a stiff drink and walk around the neighborhood. I still miss my snow…

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