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I quit Facebook almost 2 years ago. I never miss it. One time a friend had some photos and she insisted I use Bob’s account to sign in if I wanted to see them. I was logged in about 30 seconds before I remembered why I hate it.

Another time an acquaintance that moved out of the country was in town and I would have missed her except a mutual friend made sure I knew she was around.

Otherwise, I am happily not on Facebook.

However, at Xmas family members were talking about keeping up with the kids on Facebook and they had little in-jokes concerning photos, etc.

And for 15 minutes I strongly considered reactivating my account.

“I could just login for short time once a week to see what the kids are up to.”

Except I know a short time would become an every day habit and pretty soon people who I like would start to annoy me with their photos of the coffee they just bought or their Helen Keller quotes. So I’m not doing it.

On the way home, the minute we got back into cell range, the phone started bleeping because one of my Twitter accounts was hacked and I spent 15 minutes strongly considering deleting both my accounts. Or at least my pamrentz one because I hardly ever tweet. The idea is that I can get the word out when I publish something (Why yes, there are a few things coming down the pipeline. More info when I have it.) except I have hardly any followers and most of them are other random writers I don’t know who followed me for what reason I do not know.

So I can follow them back and then get their 100 tweets a day promoting their writing? Do plumbers go on Twitter and search for other plumbers to follow and hope to get a follow-back so they can all promote their plumbing to each other? Maybe they do. I don’t spend enough time on Twitter to know.

I have a second Twitter account that is only for soccer and Timbers. If you’re not soccer or Timbers, I will not follow you back. I had a couple of non-soccer/Timbers friends in there and during the draft they were tweeting and interrupting my draft timeline which was not working for me. (I am now a person who follows a sports draft. Amazing.)

I need my Timbers twitter. That’s how I get all my breaking soccer news and tweets from the players that say things like “we have the greatest fans” which, duh. Also that’s where I announce when I’ve arrived at a match. If you feel like you’re missing out, right here.

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