Do Not Wake the Sleeping Bear

I had a dream last night where I was mean to Bob and I knew I hurt his feelings but I could tell he was pretending I didn’t.

When I woke up I felt terrible and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Finally, Bob rolled over and I could see that his eyes were open. “Are you awake?”

Him: Yes.

Me: I was mean to you in my dream. I feel so bad. I am so sorry.

Him: hmpft

He got up to go to the bathroom and then came back and scratched and cleared his throat.

Then he started telling me all about his evening and where he went and who he met and what they talked about. Then he got up again and got something in the other room to show me. This was 4 o’clock in the morning.

I figured I was forgiven and didn’t feel so bad. I rolled over.

He kept talking and talking and talking.

He’s so cute.

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2 Responses to Do Not Wake the Sleeping Bear

  1. Hannah says:

    This is seriously the most adorable story ever.

  2. Lorelei says:

    Ditto with Hannah’s comment.

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