That Time Of Year

I think November starts the big marketing push for everything in life. Not just the holidays.

I’m getting marketing calls at the office almost every day. Several places have my name and tell me we’ve spoken before and then they tell me what they want to sell me — something that I’ve already told them doesn’t apply to this business so even if we did buy things from random people who phone we wouldn’t buy this because we don’t need it.

And then the endless emails from any place I’ve ever purchased from online. I end up unsubscribing from everything. Even the ones that promise they’ll only send you 1 email a month or only a few times a year — there’s always a week where they send you three in one week and then I’m done.

I found a new recipe to try for Thanksgiving: Green beans, mushrooms and cipollini onions. There’s our one green thing.

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