Here In My Car I feel Safest Of All

Yesterday I watched a car appear to ask to be pulled over.

We were on a two lane highway where the speed limit would seem to be a recommended minimum.

The State Patrol came barreling along in the left lane and everyone slowed to the recommended minimum and moved to the the right.

Except this one car that slowed down and then went slower and slower.

The Patrol put on its brakes. We all slowed down. Everyone is afraid of passing a patrol car. Except me, if I’m driving legally I have no problem passing a patrol car.

I thought maybe the person was nervous about moving over but if so: don’t drive.

Finally, the car must have been going 40 mph. And the patrol lights came on and the person pulled right over like all his or her dreams had come true.

I couldn’t rubberneck to see what kind of person was driving because all the cars instantly turned into maniacs and whipped back up to 70+. It was do or die.

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