Baker’s Delight

Remember in December I bought this big giant bag of flour? Bob shook his head like I was crazy.

Today, the bag is finished.

Remember when I said that I take all my withered potatoes and bury them in the garden? Check it out. This isn’t even all of them yet.

How many times have you thought: I have a few minutes, I’m going to jump online to pay this bill, or print out this airline ticket and then next thing you know you are in some version of update hell waiting for things to download and then unpack and then load and then restart and before that can happen it wants you to update some other thing?

Yesterday I thought I’d do a streaming exercise class but I couldn’t get it to work. I tried every browser on my machine and then I figured it must be from when I updated my operating system. I spent the next 45 minutes making sure everything was up to date, uninstalling and reinstalling, dumping plug-ins, adding widgets, restarting my computer and on and on. I tried to stream via Netflix and got an error message so I did what that said. I looked in support forums. I finally went back to the class site and tried a different class: which worked fine. They’ve recently changed their interface so for whatever reason the class I wanted to take wouldn’t work. That was a stupid way to spend the morning.

The situation with my photos has become dire. I’ve always been lazy about the way I organize them but at least put them into folders with the date and event. I’ve got about a month’s worth that are just blobbed together with confusing duplicates and millions of pictures of pumpkins and dahlias. Every time I try to get a grip on it, I want to cry. So still no vacation photos or Reno photos.

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