Vancouver Cruisin’

This weekend was Cruisin’ the Gut in Vancouver. Bob checked it out last year and said it was insane so this year we both walked down there.

I had a bunch of stuff to do so I told him I didn’t want to stay long and he said: Don’t worry. It’s like a dorm party. You get a headache after an hour.

That turned out to only be partly true. It’s tons of people lined up and down the street with their camp chairs and coolers. And shiny muscle cars cruisin’ up and down Main. And lots more parked in local lots and on the street. It was super fun in a loud and exhaust-full way.

We have new neighbors and so far, they are terrific.

This morning I woke up at 4am to the quiet sound of music. It’s summer. The windows are open. You can’t get mad about people watching TV in their own home with the windows open. Although I was a little irked that they had to watch TV at 4am.

Once I heard it, I couldn’t stop hearing it so I finally got up to close the window. Except the sound wasn’t coming from their house.

I went around to the other side of the bed to see if Bob had left his headphones on but it wasn’t that.

Then I leaned down to the vent and it was the TV in our basement. I stomped downstairs and turned it off. Then I was wide awake.

I crawled out of bed at 5am thinking: oh well, I’m awake. I can get so many things done since I’m up so early.

I normally get up at 5:20. I’m not sure why I thought those extra 20 minutes were going to be so magical. They were not. I used the whole time trying to figure out how to embed those Instagram photos here.

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