The insomnia gods have been visiting again. I wake up every night around 2am and toss and turn for a couple of hours.

Has anyone tried the chillow? It sounds like a great idea that wouldn’t really work in actual practice.

I spend a lot of my insomnia time searching for the cool side of the pillow. The rest of the time I spend fretting about random things like whether I should have watered the pumpkins, did that thing I said to the checker at the grocery store sound stupid, or how long before something bad happens?

Anyway! I love frozen fruit bars but I only have them when it’s hot outside because eating cold things makes me cold. In winter I have to let my fruit get to room temperature before I eat it otherwise I have to put on a coat and two pairs of socks to get through breakfast. My weird old lady habits are already stacking up.

This week I wanted to buy fruit bars and holymoly – they have the dumbest names. Is this the best the product development teams can do? Outshine? What does Outshine have to do with fruit juice frozen into a bar? (Lime is the best!)

I think there was another one called something like Frütti and another kind that sounding boring like Country Swale Delite. I picked this because of the variety pack.

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2 Responses to Bars

  1. Hannah says:

    What is a “wildberry”? That is not a real thing! Or a real flavor!

  2. Lucid says:

    Hubby and I desperately wanna try the chillow.

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