Everything is Crappy

Last week Bob bought Cracker Jack at the game.

I used to love Cracker Jack. Remember when it came in a cardboard box? And had a little toy in it? And actual peanuts?

This was a $3 bag of disappointment.

I guessed Fox Mulder.

Yeah, sure the toys were stupid but now it isn’t even a toy. It was this little piece of folded paper. Why bother? And instead of peanuts, there were peanut shards. Bob and I had to fight over all three of them.

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2 Responses to Everything is Crappy

  1. Mari Mitchell says:

    Yeah, they aren’t what they use to be.

    By the way, I bought your book. It was my first Kindle buy.

  2. Lucid says:

    My aunt was just complaining the other day that her box of CJ had no peanuts at all. Her daughter got a box the following week and was happy to see peanuts. It seems like you shouldn’t have to be happy to find peanuts, there should just be peanuts. It shouldn’t have to be a happy surprise.

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