The Superbowl Post

This is the quick version of what I was going to say about the Superbowl:

During the insanity that is the world during Christmas time, I sometimes think about people who don’t celebrate Christmas. What would it be like to have to deal with the crowds and the chaos when it has no connection to your life?

Even when you do celebrate Christmas do you ever find yourself thinking, “I need to deal with “X” but if I do it now I’m going to have to flog myself into rage dealing with traffic/parking/maniac shopping so I’ll just wait until January?”

That’s how I feel about the Superbowl. I’m not a hater, I’m just not interested and I was amazed at the endless chatter about it.

Here are two quick doing it wrong items.

#1 Book Publisher – I was thinking about trying the first book of one of those series with the same character solving mysteries. I think there are over a dozen out by now. The first one was written over 10 years ago and would cost $9.99 for my Nook. The store said they also had a packaged deal where you could get the first five for $49.99.

How is that a package deal? If it had even been $47.99 I might have paused over it, although I think $39.99 would have been the way to price it. I’m pretty sure I can find a used copy of the paper book for $5. Now I bought zero books. Way to go book publisher.

#2 Health Clinic – I went in for a check-up and had my co-pay ready. The check-in desk told me it would be easier to bill me after the appointment. Two weeks later I received via mail, a bill for my co-pay. How is this easier?

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