I have these on all my spice jars. I never shake my spices.

Every time I use a spice I take this thing off, pour or measure out the spice I want, and then put this thing back on.

Last weekend I had about 4 spice jars out and was wrangling all these stupid things and I thought, “Why do I even keep these?”

So I took them off and washed them and put them in a drawer in case I change my mind later although really it’s just going to be something to throw away someday.

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2 Responses to Spice

  1. Kira Walsh says:

    I don’t have those on any of my spice jars and I have to say sometimes I wish I could just shake out the cinnamon without measuring.

  2. Llama says:

    Please send me one. It’s missing on my jar of cinnamon.

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