How It’s Made

It’s February 15 and that means at your local grocery store they’re putting away the Valentine’s candy and breaking out the Easter candy.

I just had my first Cadbury egg of the season! To be honest, I was a little disappointed. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s been in a warehouse since last season. It wasn’t the best Cadbury egg I’ve ever had. Meanwhile, I’m on a huge sugar high right now. That’s going to feel great when I crash in 15 minutes.

Let me tell you about the best tv channel in the history of anything ever.

I like to keep the TV parked on a particular station so that when I turn it on I don’t have to see a snippet of any kind of show that I don’t like. For a long time the channel was the Syfy channel but they sometimes show Saw or some other gross horror thing and I don’t like that. Then I had it on Fox Soccer for awhile and that wasn’t too bad except I’d get sucked into soccer.

Then I discovered the Science Channel. It’s channel 272 at our house.

They have this series called: How It’s Made. They show you how stuff is made: clothespins, cough drops, swords, highlighter pens, water skis, laundry soap, taco sauce. The list goes on and on. Do you know how cool it is to see how things are made? Conveyor belt pr0n for days.

I think this show should be mandatory on airport TVs. Also any place that does car-related work.

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  1. Marvin says:

    Ever since The History Channel stopped running World War 2 documentaries all the time (oh, those were the days), “How It’s Made” has been a godsend. It’s soothing, educational, and nonviolent. It’s nice to see things being made instead of destroyed. That’s why darling wife likes “Project Runway.” People are making things instead of destroying things (or each other). But I like machinery more than anything else, hence “How It’s Made” is always on, if it’s on.

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