Happy New Year: We’re All Still Here

I have an online baking account.

I meant to type banking but now I’m intrigued with the idea of online baking. How would that work?

Are there any married people who have figured out a completely problem-free way to share finances? I’m going to guess, not many.

We don’t have many huge disputes regarding finances since we both have similar spending styles. Neither of us is a addicted to gambling or expensive toys or credit cards. But, you know, nothing is perfect.

The general attitude is that it’s all both of our money, but we have it divided into separate piles.

So getting back to the beginning, I have an online savings account. I am the primary account holder and I make deposits from money that I earn myself.

The bank recently sent us some snail mails and they were addressed to him.

Why do you think that is? Because it’s a man name? And really, how hard is it to address the damn mail to both people?

I’ve experienced various versions of this since we got married. One utility company treated me like a roommate and made me sign a form promising to be financially responsible but then didn’t put my name on the account. I fixed that.

It’s 2013. I don’t understand why the default is the man, especially since only one person can be the primary shareholder. Why not make that the default?

I got all fired up to write a letter but figure they’d just print it out and hang it up in the lunch room and laugh at it.

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One Response to Happy New Year: We’re All Still Here

  1. Lincoln Log says:

    You must write it. Something to laugh at, maybe — but the message is worth it and needs to be said.

    Hubby and I have a shared checking account. Every time I start a savings account I have to close it a week later because we end up needing the money for something. Now I don’t bother to open one anymore. I get my statements online so I don’t have to be annoyed with them being addressed to him.

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