Crows, Wardrobe Failure and Recipes

Yesterday when I got off the bus (7am, dark) I noticed that the trees along the transit mall were filled with cawing crows. It was both amazing and creepy. I have been noticing the sidewalks paved with bird crap in the daylight but I never saw any birds. There was a local news story that said that it’s normal for urban crows to sleep in big groups during the winter.

Anyway, the traffic light was changing to I took a few jogging steps to get to the curb and I realized: I’m not wearing a bra.

I do not go braless, even at home, except for sleeping.

For a second I was in a panic because I thought maybe I somehow forgot to finish getting dressed.

After a quick check I confirmed that I was wearing everything I intended to wear, except for a bra.

How the hell do you forget to put on a bra?

When I told my husband, he suggested I put on some Grateful Dead music and dance in a circle with my arms waving over my head.

When I told my sister, she told me that Linda Ronstadt never wears a bra.

At first I was going to go buy one but I decided to live dangerously and got through the day just fine.

Meanwhile, terrific recipes. Cauliflower macaroni and cheese — sounds like a joke, right? Nope it was terrific, however I did use about twice as much cheese as the recipe calls for. Also, I thought it was a bit too mustardy and would adjust that next time.

Also, roasted pumpkin soup. I didn’t bother with the brown butter and I didn’t want to run across the backyard to get fresh thyme so I just added some dry to the soup. I used the Baby Pams. Delicious.

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3 Responses to Crows, Wardrobe Failure and Recipes

  1. Lincoln Log says:

    Wow, I have nightmares like that but have never actually done it. If you get more popular at work now, be suspicious.

  2. Hannah says:

    One of my favorite posts ever. This, especially: “When I told my husband, he suggested I put on some Grateful Dead music and dance in a circle with my arms waving over my head.” So very Bob. Definitely going to try the cauliflower Mac and cheese. With extra cheese.

  3. angelawd says:

    Wow. I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth, but never forgotten a bra. I would feel really uncomfortable all day. Glad you didn’t!

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