A Little Alarm With Your Dinner

Happy Birthday Lillian

For some reason, this is one of the most viewed photos in my photostream. It must be on a website somewhere. This is from my Mom’s birthday a few years ago.

Last night was grocery shopping night and we decided to have dinner at this little cafe that Bob has been wanting to take me to. As we drove up there was a fire truck with flashing lights out front but when we drove by we could see the restaurant was open so we parked and went in.

This is one of those mixed use buildings with apartments above and restaurants and shops on the main level.

When we get into the restaurant there was an alarm going off inside that was loud enough to peel paint.

It’s one of those tiny, family run restaurants. The owner apologized and said he didn’t know how long it would last but he would seat us. He showed us to a table.

I stared at my husband, astonished that anyone would even entertain the notion of eating under those circumstances. The owner returned holding a box of tissues.

This is when I noticed the rest of the customers. There were only 3 or 4 tables busy and the customers had stuffed tissues in their ears.

Not like, made a ball of tissues and stuck them in their ears. Like made a ball in one corner of the tissue and stuffed it in their ear and left the rest of the tissue hanging out like a big white elephant ear.

I am not making this up. It would have been hilarious if my head wasn’t about to explode from the noise.

We left. I guess the entire building alarm was going. I feel bad for a small business owner losing business over that. We’ll try again.

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  1. Lincoln Log says:

    If you had an iPhone you could’ve snapped a quick picture!

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