Bad Bean

My Twelve days of Christmas with the Rentz Girls ™ isn’t going to be on consecutive days. I’m going to spread it out so you have something to look forward to the entire holiday season.

Here’s one of the things I was going to write about yesterday before the interruptions.

Tip: Bad hummus is really gross. Don’t eat it.

When my poor sweetheart was sick, he had no appetite so we had tons of food in the house and I wasn’t able to eat it all myself. There were some bowls of stuff that lingered.

I made some hummus and I swear it hadn’t been in there that long. I took a giant bite and Holy Satan’s Diaper. It wasn’t immediately gross, but came on exponentially. Now I’m ruined for hummus for a while which is a shame because it’s a handy snack that’s better for me than salt and cracked pepper potato chips.

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