Put On Your Clothes

Aiee. What a day. I’m glad tomorrow’s a half day. I’m going to try to get a few cooking projects started tonight.

November is Indian Heritage Month or something like that. I was going to write some Indian themed posts and tweet some links but, oops.

Here’s a great URL for buying Native. I’m trying to fight my earring addiction but it won’t hurt if I just look around a bit.

I swear I recently read that the average person spends less than $100 a year on clothes. Does that sound right? I hate buying clothes and I spend at least $100 a year. Even when I was dead broke and shopping at Value Village I think I hit about $100.

Am I so out of touch? I know lots of families are having it really tough right now.

I put on a pair of pants yesterday that I realized I hated. I think I’ve been wearing them at least 5 years but I still feel bad putting them in the giveaway bag.

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