Pears for Fears

One of our neighbors was doing a school fundraiser selling boxes fruit.

We eat tons of fruit and thought this was terrific so we bought 2 boxes of apples and 1 box of pears. About the same time there’s a business associate who sends us a box of apples and that arrived. We shared some and apples last a long time so that’s no problem. Plus I want to try this recipe for apple-peanut butter pie.

However, one thing you should know about pears is they are super needy. They go from zero to ripe in a day and they all get ripe at the same time.

We’ve both been eating a couple of pears a day. We went to a party last night and I brought a pear crisp. We’re starting to lose them now. I composted a half dozen yesterday. You can see a bloopy one in the photo.

The smart thing would have been to can some but I was out of town last weekend and there’s no way I could have pulled it off on a weeknight this past week. This weekend I only have about a half day that’s not scheduled and I can’t bring myself to devote that to canning.

Lesson learned for next time.

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3 Responses to Pears for Fears

  1. Kira says:

    Do you have a crockpot? If you would eat it, I hear pear and apple sauce is awesome because it makes the apples sweet without sugar. Or you could just make pear sauce and freeze it. I want to do this but I haven’t found cheap pears. I did make applesauce with blackberry cider for sweetener in my crockpot and it is amazing.

  2. Kira says:

    Also, you know how to can? That shouldn’t surprise me, btu we’ve never discussed it. Awesome.

  3. Lincoln Log says:

    Pears are very high maintenance, but when you catch them on the right day they are truly magical.

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