Day 15 Halfway: NaBlo Blows!

We bought a giant boring legal book for the office at a cost of $250.

Yes, that’s correct: $250.

It arrived yesterday. I just opened the box and inside there’s an envelope with a note that tells me that “due to an unfortunate publishing error” my copy is missing the current front matter. The forward and list of contributors. To remedy this they sent me a set of “complimentary” replacement pages. This in the form of 8 giant stickers that I’m supposed to paste over existing pages.

So to sum: “Hey, we charged you $250 for a book that we screwed up but we won’t charge you to fix it yourself.”

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One Response to Day 15 Halfway: NaBlo Blows!

  1. Lincoln Log says:

    You should send them another $100 as a ‘thank you’ for the stickers.

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