Garden Update

I won’t write any more about snails but know that I could. A lot more.

The tomatoes that I grew from seeds have been put out in the yard into the walls of water. I forgot to make a note to remind me what kind I saved. Probably whatever produced the best which was either Stupice or Early Girls or possibly Romas. I’m going to buy a couple more plants from the farmers market. I think I’m going to skip the more exotic varieties as they never seem to produce many tomatoes and the ones they do seem to go bad more quickly than I can deal with them.

Currently I have what looks like an abundance of potatoes. Since last fall whenever I found wrinkly potato in the back of the bin I ran out and buried it and now they’re everywhere. There are tons and tons of raspberry blossoms. I’ve got mesclun greens coming in. The apple tree looks loaded. I’m going to have to thin some of it out or hit my head on low drooping branches all summer. Peas are growing like crazy. The sunflower sprouts are everywhere. It’s looking good out there given how neglectful I’ve been. I’ve been preoccupied with other projects and the garden has been close to dead last in the priority list.

The pumpkins sort-of slipped my mind. I’m going to start in the house this weekend.

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  1. Kira says:

    Are those raspberry blossoms in the picture?

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