Worst Night Out

I had the worst dream last night – I was visiting with friends and Maggie and Christopher and they left with all my stuff in their car: my purse, wallet, phone, keys. Actually, it was a motorcycle. Because of the fact situation of the dream there was no way to solve this problem so I decided I had to walk to their house.

“How far away is it?”
“Seventy miles.”
“Okay, can I borrow some shoes?”
Someone gave me vans and stockings.
I woke up completely panicked and it took forever to get back to sleep. Then I had to tell Bob all about it this morning. “All my phone numbers are in my phone. I didn’t have any money. There was nothing I could do.” Meanwhile Bob was cracking up: “A Pam control dream.”
I needed a few cups of tea and some fruit and granola before I could function again.
I’m never going to let that happen.

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2 Responses to Worst Night Out

  1. Kira says:

    Awwwwww Pam. I like that CW08 inhabits your dreams, though…

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