Like A Flower In The Dark

Check out what I saw in the backyard when I got home tonight.

It was 60 degrees and I would have loved to come home early and do yard work because it is a disaster out there but I had stuff to do at the office. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow, too, so I’ll be a weeding machine then.

This is my least favorite weed. I can’t even tell you how much I hate these weeds.

They have a thick network of tiny roots so they are completely unsatisfying to pull (unlike those monster single roots of the dandelion that are more fun) and if you let them go too long, they pop seeds at you when you pull them. Or even if you touch them. And right now they are everywhere.

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One Response to Like A Flower In The Dark

  1. Marvin says:

    Lovely weeds! We have weeds that you can’t touch, they’re too brambly and fragile. You have to dig them up, and their extensive root network. We’ve done that the past three summers.

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