Let It Rain Let It Pour

Photo from 2004-ish: Partnachklamm

I don’t know what I was thinking last night but I set my alarm. When it went off at the crack of dawn I rolled over and turned it off.

But then I was awake.

Why doesn’t that happen on work days?

I got up and read in the news that there was still a chance we could beat the record for the rainiest March. And great news! We did it!

I’m just kidding about the great news. Why can’t we break the record for the best weather in the whole world ever?

The sun was out this afternoon and as I was dressing for the match I momentarily considered skipping some of my rain gear. I looked out the window again and right then it was like someone splashed water against the window.

One thing I learned after the last game is that there is a big difference between water resistant and water repellant.

I’m repellant and headed off to the stadium.

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