Unpack Your Adjectives

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Yesterday afternoon Bob came home and said: I’m a verb. I’m always in motion.

I said: I’m a noun. I like to sit still.

Bob said very pointedly: You’re an adjective because of the way you do things.

It is nice to have that settled.

Remember the pumpkins? The smallest two I used for Thanksgiving. I made a pie and put the rest in the freezer.

The big one has been sitting on the counter and I could tell it was getting a little hinky and was going to have to live out its days in the compost if I didn’t do something with it stat.

Last weekend I processed it and made a pie. (this one) and I got a bar of dark chocolate and chopped it up and sprinkled on my blind-baked crust. Before I poured the pumpkin in I used a spatula to spread the melty chocolate around. It was extremely delicious. If you haven’t before, try this.

I also made pumpkin chili and I had a recipe for pumpkin cornbread but at that point if I had to do any more dishes I was going to punch someone in the teeth so I skipped that one.

I still had plenty of pumpkin and I didn’t want to freeze it since I already have lots in the freezer. So I made Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain cereal and stirred a bunch into that. It was amazing. We added blueberries from our freezer and finished the whole pot.

I still had pumpkin leftover so I made a pot of lentil and coconut soup (substituting wuss peppers for the peppers in the recipe because really hot peppers frighten me) and stirring in the last of the … pumpkin! Also super delicious.

So the lesson is, you can be very creative with pureed pumpkin.

I have a ton of notes here for posts I want to write but I’m on a huge writing roll. I haven’t missed a day since October. So priorities in other places. Plus, things are going to be busy for the next few weeks and then guess what starts March 12, 2012? Did you guess Timbers? You win!

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2 Responses to Unpack Your Adjectives

  1. Marvin says:

    Bless you for mentioning “Schoolhouse Rock.” I was just watching some on YouTube the other day. I still think my favorite is “Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here,” though “Figure 8” is a close second.

    Nice punkins!

  2. Lassie says:

    Hinky. I love it.

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