Random Tidbits

I’m not kidding. Today I finished the last piece of Halloween candy in my stash. (Still working on Xmas) and I went to the store and Cadbury Eggs were out. It was a chocolate miracle.
– – –
I remember when I was a girl scout you actually had to go out and sell the cookies. You had to take a little paper form and go door-to-door in your dumb uniform and ask people if they wanted to buy any Girl Scout cookies. People would say no. And if they said yes you would have to collect the money and put in the order and then later deliver the cookies. I never sold any because going door-to-door to sell things is awful and I hated it. Last week I watched co-worker pull up a website and punch in his zipcode and then a list of stores came up with the times that the cookies would be available for sale out front. And he was in a panic whether he’d be able to get there before they sold all the good ones.
– – –
A long time ago I bought some bath sheets that I really liked. They were the perfect size with a nubby texture. I still have some of them although they’re getting frayed and see-through in the middle. A year or so ago I went and bought some new bath sheets and I guess America decided they wanted their bath sheets bigger or may it was just the brand but these things are like drying off with a bedspread. They are too big to be pleasant to use. I have to keep wrangling the ends so they don’t touch the floor. And it hangs all droopy on the rack. And the texture is sorta smooth in a way that would be nice for a bathrobe but worthless for a towel. I feel like I want to throw my towels away and start all over.
– – –
We’ve got new next door neighbors. Again. I saw them moving in and I felt bad because I don’t even know them but I wanted to dislike them. I saw a dog. I worked it out. The house has been a rental for 9 years and these are the 6th tenants. Bob remembers a couple that I don’t so possibly 7th tenants. The third in 14 months. So far they seem to have only two normal sized cars. They go to work at normal times. The dog hasn’t barked or bothered anyone. They haven’t had a whole group of people over that never leave. These may be the neighbors we’ve dreamed of.

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3 Responses to Random Tidbits

  1. Lassie says:

    My favorite towels are the cheapest. Anything too expensive and they don’t work. You know those “rags” they sell by the bundle in the automotive section at Walmart? I want bath towels made out of that.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that these are the neighbors dreams are made of.

  2. Theresa says:

    Cadbury eggs are out? Oooh. I always get Pritpaul to send me eggs from Canada because somehow I think they taste better. Less sweet. Also, they’re called Oeuf Fondants over there and that’s awesome.

    Your picture makes me want macaroons though.

  3. Kira says:

    Yes to the towels! It’s like to keep them fluffy, they have to make them out of plastic or something and then they don’t serve the actual drying function. My mom said the same thing about dish towels when I tried to get her to give me the old ratty old ones for the dogs and she said they were the best ones. What kind of world do we live in where we can’t even figure out how to make working towels? 🙂

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