Late Night

Bald Hills Road, Northern California.

When I did my stats I neglected to mention that I stopped submitting after August because I decided to self-publish a bunch of my short stories. That’s a work in progress. I expect to have an announcement on that at the end of next month.

I also realized I don’t have a stat for how many movies I saw. I used to keep track of that and I still write them down sometimes. I bet it’s less than twelve. I hardly ever go to the movies anymore and I almost never watch movies at home.

At first I was going to say I rarely watch TV at home for more than an hour at a time but I guess I’d have to qualify that and say I rarely watch TV for more than an hour at a time unless it involves the Portland Timbers.


I don’t want to jinx it but I haven’t needed a cough drop in four days. I still keep them in my pockets at all time. I’m not at 100% but this may be as good as it gets at this point. In which case I guess I am at 100%. I’m going for 110.


This afternoon I was going through my checkbook and I was excited to see some money in there. “Wow, I made it through the holidays with a little leftover.” Then I realized I never took out the mortgage payment. Now it looks right.


Friday night was bluegrass and fortunately we didn’t forget to wear our shirts with the signs on the back that say, “If you plan to talk during the set, please sit behind us.” No one denied us.

It was still fun. And I stayed up until 1am. This is practice for Wilco with Hannah next month.

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2 Responses to Late Night

  1. Marvin says:

    Hey, I think I’ve been on that road! Happy New Year!

    My darling wife has had a cough for three weeks. The cold that’s going around can cause a cough for three months, the doctor says.

  2. Keeha says:

    I’m excited about your book of stories! Congratulations to you – keep me posted.

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