Violent Pink Popcorn

This is cinnamon flavored popcorn that came in a giftbox to the office. Normally I’m all grown-up and formal about such things like we need to eat all the pretzels before we open the cheese corn. Not this time. We’ve opened every single thing and tried it, often before 8am and once after we ate a giant lunch. It’s never too early to start packing on the holiday handles.

I wrote out a long story about how my health insurance had been making me insane the past couple of days. But I think its too long to be interesting so I’m going to give the short version.

I need some basic information so I logged into the main website which was totally worthless. Then, anxious to share these feelings, I clicked on the Feedback tab. The Feedback tab wanted me to create a feedback account, which obviously I am not going to do, and then if I understand correctly, I was going to be posting my feedback on a community board.

In what Universe is that going to do anything?

Later I found a different URL and tried to login but it didn’t recognize any of my numbers that it asked for. (And zeroed out the form each time so I had to re-complete all the fields . Thanks for nothing.) It said if the numbers didn’t work to call the phone number.

I called the phone number and guess what? It was a phone tree that demanded the same numbers that didn’t work on the website. No work around that I could discover.

It took a half hour and a giant bag of chocolate-caramel popcorn before I could stop foaming at the mouth. I don’t want to talk about work here but there are good reasons I didn’t ask someone there first. But I finally did and got enough info to proceed.

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2 Responses to Violent Pink Popcorn

  1. Marvin says:

    Looks like monkey brains, actually. I’m sure it’s yummy though.

  2. LuLubelle says:

    Maybe your health insurance made you sick. Or — just maybe — it’s all the junk food it sounds like you’ve been testing. 😉 Although I’m not convinced the stuff in that picture is food.

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