What Comes Out’s A Mystery


I was just thinking that I’m tired of this post-a-day thing but I’ve come this far and I hate quitting so I’ll just keep slogging. Right now it feels like my whole life is a phoned-in slog. Maybe when I’ve finally stopped coughing every 15 seconds (yes, that San Diego souvenir cough refuses to release me from its horky grasp) I’ll have a better attitude.

Meanwhile, I found a URL in my comment spam from this company that I can hire to write my content. What a great idea. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before.

It’s only a penny a word and you can pick the topics. I’m sorta of dying to try it.

I have a piece of paper by my desk to jot my ideas for potential topics. So far I have: pumpkin juggling, me (I’d love to see a 500 article written about me by a stranger getting paid .01 a word), clowns with chainsaws, and how to get trapped in a locker room with a professional soccer team for a weekend.

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2 Responses to What Comes Out’s A Mystery

  1. marvin says:

    That last topic would be very interesting, though one’s chances of survival would be slim.

  2. LuLubelle says:

    I love those emails. I especially appreciate how eager they are to write for us, and yet they can’t spell nor even put together a decent sentence.

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