Shopping Cart Filled With Food

Seattle Public Library

The following should not be considered complete and is subject to change without notice:

Favorite foods: wine, soup (almost any kind), perfectly grilled piece of red meat, apple pie, See’s candy, fiber

Hated foods: papaya, Swiss cheese, tuna, tarragon (not a food but a flavor, I still don’t like it) scallops, grape jelly, yellow mustard

Used to hate but now I don’t: maple syrup, bleu cheese

Used to like but now prefer to avoid: coffee, hearty breakfast

Don’t like as much as I used to: bananas

Foods I don’t like for no clear reason: cooked carrots as the main part of a dish.

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3 Responses to Shopping Cart Filled With Food

  1. Ballard Avenue says:

    Mainland grocery store papaya is usually what’s-the-big-deal, but papaya right off the tree in Hawaii served with a spritz of lime juice is when-can-we-move-here-and-have-this-every-day.

  2. Marvin says:

    Well then, I’ll keep that list in mind next time you’re coming to dinner. 😉

  3. LuLubelle says:

    Hubby’s food hate list is very short: cilantro. The word itself seems very easy-going and pleasant, but even mention it to hubby and he bursts into flames with hatred.

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