Even Better Than The Real Thing

Bridgelift on Interstate bridge. I took this picture from inside the bus, that’s why that funky strip of dark blue at the top.

I just saw that Actung Baby is 20 years old today. It’s almost old enough to go out and drink. This aging thing gets more and more painful all the time.

I went to see Twilight yesterday. I think that’s my first time to the movies since my birthday which was in December. That used to be my thing to see a matinee on Friday afternoons. Now it seems like its takes too much time. And when I do have time there’s nothing I want to see.

I’ve never pretended that I was all high-brow about movies. There is a flavor of goofyass movies that I enjoy a great deal.

I don’t know what to tell you about his one. As I watched it I tried to imagine bringing in a person who knows nothing about Twilight and then trying to prevent that person from gouging his/her eyes out.

This thing was a mess and I still can’t decide if it was so bad it was good. I had a stomachache from laughing at it. The special effects were goofy. The soundtrack was used as a blunt object to beat the audience in the face. We already knew the story is dopey but it could be fun dopey except it wasn’t. Execution clumsy on all levels. Good parts: sheesh, these kids are pretty and there is some skin, a couple of cute scenes with the leads. Also a nod to how stupid the name Renesemee is. That’s about all it has to offer.

My time would have been better spent seeing the new Pedro movie. Maybe next weekend.

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