California Dreamin’

I managed to bring back a souvenir cough from San Diego. Last weekend I had people coughing all over me in on the plane.

This weekend it was my turn to cough all over everyone. Usually once I get a cough I’m stuck with it for three weeks but this one seems to be on the fast track. It’s barely started and already my abs are sore and I’m doing that gagging cough that sounds like I’m puking up my stomach.

It’s neat. But if means I’ll be done faster, I’ll take it.

That was what was going on at the airport this morning. Unlike some people, I feel bad about coughing on people and was trying to hold it in and chain-eating Fisherman’s Friend. It was a long morning.

I had another reunion in California this weekend. This one was college friends and mostly people I haven’t seen for 25+ years. It was a somewhat spontaneous event. I think they came up with it barely a month ago.

I didn’t really want to jump back on a plane after being gone all last weekend but there were too many people I wanted to see.

It was awesome although my life seems to be exceptionally nostalgia heavy at the moment which is great but also killing me and probably worthy of a longer post if I’m ever in the mood for it.

The flight in this morning was amazing. Mostly sunny and clear. The flight path went over downtown which I can’t remember doing before. Ladd’s Addition really stood out with those giant trees all turning yellow. I could pick out the park blocks and my office and my beloved Jeld-Wenn field.

It’s a good day to get outside and chop down dead dahlias.

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  1. LuLubelle says:

    This post seemed lonely, since it had no comments. I just wanted to cheer it up.

    One time when we were landing, our (little at the time) son looked down at the trees and exclaimed, “Look at all the broccoli!”

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