Dumb Phone

Ancestor memorial in Grants Pass, Or

On our drive down to Grants Pass we passed an old falling down barn that had painted on it: hauntedbarn.com

I said: I wonder what hauntedbarn.com is.

Bob said: iPhone

I don’t have a phone that can do fancy tricks. I’m chained to the Internet enough already. I don’t want to carry it around with me. I’ve never even played with Bob’s phone.

But I was stuck in the car for a few hours and I wanted to see what hauntedbarn.com was all about.

I did not have an easy time with iPhone. First we’re in the car. Second, you need the world’s tiniest fingers. I kept typing a wrong letter and then I’d try to fix it and type more wrong letters and then I’d try to fix that and next thing you know, iPhone was trying to pull up: haymtd.com

“I can’t believe people like this,” I said as I tapped on that stupid phone.

I got mad and gave up but then I wanted to know what hauntedbarn.com was so I tried some more. I was not going to be defeated by an iPhone.

I finally pulled it up and it was a domain for sale. Damn you hauntedbarn.com

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  1. Marvin says:

    iPhones suck. 😉

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