Today’s Random Notes


All the time I’m thinking of ideas to write better posts here. But it always seems like something I’ll have more time for next week.

Here’s another phone-er-in-er.


Way back in March I bought a couple of pairs of summery slacks and blouses for the office. Anticipating the warmer weather. Ha ha.

Last week was the first time I wore the blouses. One of them is cute but the other one is a mystery.

Maybe someone punk’d me and hid it in my closet. I couldn’t possibly have bought it on purpose.

It’s a medium-ugly pattern but the cut is ridiculous. The bottom part poofs out so that it looks like I spent the last three weeks training for a cheeseburger eating contest. And the sleeves are cut funny so that it looks like I have Pillsbury Doughboy arms.

I don’t have very many tops so I’ll probably wear it again, but it’s definitely getting burned at the end of the summer.


Have you ever watched rugby? I mean, if you’re not a rugby fan.

They’re really burly guys in tight shorts, I bet I could get into it if I had time for more sports.

I don’t but I’ve been seeing bits of pieces of games. It’s a crazy sport.

They throw the ball back and forth and run around and then do a tackle and make a giant dogpile. Why do you need that many guys all piled up? A few of the other guys stand around and finally the ball pops out of the dogpile and the rest of the guys start running and tossing it back and forth. Then someone kicks it.

I have no idea what’s happening but it looks really fun.

Tomorrow I will have a write-a-thon update.

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4 Responses to Today’s Random Notes

  1. Eden says:

    I used to play rugby. I’d be happy to explain it to you sometime. 🙂

  2. Lorelei says:

    Where’s the picture of the blouse?!?

  3. Shane says:

    Lorelei beat me to the pic request. I mean, you post pictures of everything else, I don’t see how you could withhold this one.

  4. Marvin says:

    Your blog is yours to write about what you want. I like the way you write.

    I was on a project in Holland. All the males on the project team (except me, go figure) joined an intramural rugby league, playing in the park on Wednesdays. Within three weeks, everyone was out with injuries. QED. I’m glad I skipped it.

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