Old News

Remember how I was joking that THE PICTURE was probably going to end up in the stadium somewhere? See that upper right hand corner?

I wrote this post last week but then broken computer blah blah and I never got around to posting it so stale news but this is today’s program.

Status update #1: Yes, still coughing but it’s tapering off. I’ve gone through every pocket, drawer, car storage, backpack and purse and consumed every moldy cough drop and Fisherman’s Friend in this household. Now I have to run out and buy a bunch more to stash in every pocket, drawer, car storage, backpack and purse so it can get moldy and gummy for my next cough.

Status update #2: The last Cadbury egg in the stash has finally been consumed. The Timbers souvenir chest cold was at Mach 5 over Easter weekend and I was unable to consume any candy.

Here’s a crappy close up. I had to buy a cheap-ish pocket camera because I am so hard on them plus the concourse was completely busy so I couldn’t really take an artful shot. Also, you can buy this as a poster to take home. Mother’s Day gift solved! Just kidding. But I am going to buy one for my office.

Last week I had a minor meltdown because I kid you not, every thing we own is breaking. Not just like a broom falling off its handle or a favorite coffee mug cracking. But major stuff that costs money and/or is a pain in the butt to fix or replace.

During Easter Dinner dessert making my Kitchen Aid mixer broke. I thought those were supposed to be indestructible. A whole piece of it fell off into the (not)whipped cream. I hope you won’t think poorly of me when I tell you I said many bad words. I found one official Kitchen Aid mixer repair shop in the area and dropped it off.

While I was in the place a lady came up to me and pointed at the mixer and said, “What do you do with that?”

I kind of wanted to mess with her and say stuff like, “Oh, you know, lasagna, split pea soup, cat food.”

Then my computer died. I said to Bob, if we can just get through 24 hours with everybody healthy and nothing breaking.

Twenty four hours later he came in the house and announced that the lawn mower had died.

I wrote about the broken chairs on Facebook. Short version is I took these chair parts to be repaired and it was ridiculously expensive so I decided to buy new chairs. Then out of curiosity I did some Internet searching and there are replacement parts for the broken chairs that cost 1/2 of what he quoted me to fix it. Now I’m not sure what to do (except never go back to that repair shop). I have new chairs on the brain.

I’m not sure where I was going with this. Some things have been fixed. Others replaced. Others are back on the “list of things to deal with later.”

Meanwhile, our wallets are lighter.

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5 Responses to Old News

  1. Neile says:

    Last year was our year of things dying, including a monitor, our fridge, and our stove.

    I feel your pain!

  2. Kira says:

    I’ve been having a weird time like that, too, although not quite as expensive. It’s just like every time I comfory myself, “at least that one thing went wrong but now I’m good,” something else happens. I spilled cocoa powder all over my kitchen and while I’m cleaning it, I realize that one of the pans has scratched up my porcelain sink. I walk past the fridge in a rush and this magnetic box of papers we keep there falls off and opens all over the floor. Today’s was: I pack everything up, get the house cleaned up for my trip and while my hands are full and I can’t stop her, Lila poops on the floor in sheer excitement for the trip. Gross, sorry, but true. Doesn’t really compare to a broken computer, though. Just buy the new chairs. Replacig the parts is not worth the hassle. Or, buy one part and try to fix one chair but promise yourself if it takes more than an hour, it’s all over and new chairs it is.

    Sorry, rambling. Sleepy. I want a poster.

  3. Marvin says:

    Every day you wake up is a good day. Everything else is secondary. Even your favorite mixer. I can’t believe someone didn’t know what it was for. I bet they don’t even know what a wax recording cylinder is. People are so ignorant, anymore.

  4. Lorelei says:

    I want a poster too!!!

    Do what we do: Throw it all away and start over.

  5. Hannah says:

    I love that your photo lives on, in various public ways. I really do think it’s an amazing, powerful, and beautiful photo of you, Pamela. Even though you’re not wearing rave green, of course.

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