Quick Post: Busy Day

Bob and I used to walk on the nature trail all the time. (If you click on the link, that’s not a great photo. It’s more nature-y than that.)

We went over the weekend to see if we could find trillium and hit the jackpot. Lots of pretty flowers.

Still too cold and muddy to make yard work enjoyable. Weeds love the rain. Every time I go out there I want to pass out from anxiety about how weedy it is.

Last week when we were walking around downtown, some kids gave us a handful of snack bars as a promotion.

I opened the banana one and said, “Ew, this is nasty. Try it.”

Co-worker said, “Uh, no?” but I convinced him to try a bite. He agreed it was nasty.

I hate to throw away food with all the panhandlers downtown. When I suggested we give the rest away co-worker said, “That would be mean.”

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2 Responses to Quick Post: Busy Day

  1. Lorelei says:

    The flowers are beautiful.

    Stupid weeds.

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